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Move Hackettstown

Move Hackettstown

Welcome! Moving your family? Need to hire a trusted mover? Need to find Movers In Hackettstown NJ? Dan The Affordable Moving Man “Your Satisfaction Is My Future” is not only our slogan but how we conduct business. Dan The Affordable Moving Man was establish in 2009 starting with one truck and 2 men from my Mother’s home. Dan The Affordable Moving Man now has Dan The Affordable Moving Man and a storefront to meet and serve our clients. As the premier moving company in the Hackettstown NJ area , Dan The Affordable Moving Man prides itself in being the best value in moving industry serving all of Hackettstown NJ & North Jersey. Dan The Affordable Moving Man offers full service packing and unpacking services, a fleet of trucks at our command to help you with all aspects of your move. Are you in need of a local moving company? Planning a residential move can be stressful. Hiring the wrong moving company would result in a bad decision and could make your moving experience even worst! Utilizing years of moving experience Dan The Affordable Moving Man’s professional packing services is a great investment in the moving process. Whether you are leaving home for the first time, moving into your dream home or relocating for work. Dan The Affordable Moving Man has got you covered. What separates Dan The Affordable Moving Man from the rest of the Hackettstown NJ Moving companies? Is it the 4th generation of family movers in Dan The Affordable Moving Man family? , worth of experience and moving knowledge? Fully Licensed and highly trained staff? Unmatched value and customer service in the moving industry in the Hackettstown NJ area? YES all of the above!!! Dan The Affordable Moving Man is the number 1 mover in Hackettstown NJ.

Move Hackettstown

Dan The Affordable Moving Man will go above and beyond  for your family or businesses moving needs.

Dan The Affordable Moving Man is owned and operated by Dan Vernay Jr.  

“Your Satisfaction Is My Future” 

Call Today! Fully Equipped Moving Truck & Driver 

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Move Hackettstown

When your family has been in the business as long as Dan The Affordable Moving Man, you know that you can provide the highest quality value in Moving today! We’re a professional local moving company created to move more than just your boxes. We’ll move you with our hard work and genuine smiles. Dan The Affordable Moving Man movers are pros who’ll move you lighting fast! but they also know how to make a move go smoothly. Even, dare we say, make it ‘fun’. When you have , of moving expertise you know how to get the job done right and avoid those moving mistakes that rookie movers can make.

You can hire the cheapest company and not get the same value as Dan The Affordable Moving Man. You can hire some day laborers or college kids to help you out, then you might run into problems with them, not being professional, not licensed, not insured! If something where to happened who will be help liable? As the old saying goes!!! You get what you pay for!!! Dan The Affordable Moving Man is the fairest and most reliable mover around the Hackettstown NJ and North Jersey area here to help you with all of your residential and commercial moving needs! Why not hire a reasonably price professional, licensed and insured mover for your next move? Trust the professionals at Dan The Affordable Moving Man

Moving can be serious business, specially if it’s not done right or by highly trained professional movers. When you hire Dan The Affordable Moving Man you get professionals with years of experience and that get the job done right at affordable pricing and quality customer service. This is what makes Dan The Affordable Moving Man the highest valued moving company in the Hackettstown NJ area. Other moving companies do not have the man power, movers knowledge or the trucks like Dan The Affordable Moving Man. Hackettstown is a very desirable moving area, we walk our clients through the process, from start to finish, from packing to unpacking, and what to pack and not bring. We make sure that we cover all the angles in your move, this is a small pack of why we are the best moving  company in the Hackettstown New Jersey area.

Dan The Affordable Moving Man is a moving industry innovator among moving companies in the Hackettstown NJ area. We have built our Dan The Affordable Moving Man brand on hard work, highly trained staff, and quality services. ,Dan The Affordable Moving Man, moving knowledge passed down through our family makes us wiser than the rest. We have seen it all, seen every kind of moving problem! We are your highest quality moving solution! With Dan The Affordable Moving Man at the helm you can be guarantee a stress and trouble free move!

Move Hackettstown

Move Hackettstown

Why hire Dan The Affordable Moving Man as your Morristown moving company? Because no other mover in the area can compete with the value that Dan The Affordable Moving Man provides! The customer services, the family knowledge, in the business since 2009, and raised to becoming the best mover in Hackettstown NJ. Whether you are moving within 07840, across the state, across the country, choose the company Dan The Affordable Moving Man.
Skills, Trucks & Staff
Dan The Affordable Moving Man company truly believes in giving our local clients more value than any other local moving company.  You get a team of skilled professional movers that have the right training to complete any moving job that needs to be done! This is what makes us the best moving company in New Jersey.
Dan The Affordable Moving Man
At Dan The Affordable Moving Man  we don’t surprise our clients with high fees or shady business practices. We can give you a rough estimate on the phone or we can visit you for a free quote, and the price we quote is the price you pay. Dan The Affordable Moving Man is here to earn the ongoing trust and respect of our local Hackettstown clients.

Move HackettstownMove Hackettstown

When it comes to home and residential moving services in Hackettstown NJ, Dan The Affordable Moving Man’s reputation as a industry leader is what makes Dan The Affordable Moving Man the best Mover in Hackettstown New Jersey. Many local real estate brokers and agents have recommend Dan The Affordable Moving Man to move their clients. They are aware of Dan The Affordable Moving Man’s  high standards of professionalism, knowledge, affordable rates and quality moving services to customer service. Whether we’re moving young professionals, single mothers, students out of their parents home , families, or the elderly from one apartment to another, big house , or vacation home. We treat your belongings with respect as if they were our very own, this is what makes us the best movers around.

Move Hackettstown

Reliable Movers
Dan The Affordable Moving Man assures our clients that everything is well protected and taken care of during moving jobs. If you’re moving expensive, vintage and rare itmes leave it to our highly trained professionals to do the job right and mover your items as if they are our own! We will go the extra mile to assure you that your items are safe with us and that they will arrive as they left your home to their new home.
Highly Trained Professional Movers
With , of movers in our family we have Dan The Affordable Moving Man’s years of experience and moving expertise to guide our staff and to assure our clients that the move is done correctly. The experience one has from having been in the moving industry for over , can not be bought anywhere, when you have moving in your blood and you come from a family of movers for more than 100 years of knowledge being passed down in the moving business no other local moving company can say that! Dan The Affordable Moving Man moving staff have been instructed and trained.

Move Hackettstown

We know how stressful moving out of your home can be, we know that sometimes it’s not your first choice, or you are going through a hard time in your life and you are moving out of necessity. With that in mind, you may still need help moving out but you would like to hire a local Hackettstown moving company that is trusted, professional, highly trained and licensed to help you move out in your time of need. This is why Dan The Affordable Moving Man is the highest quality and best valued moving company in the North Jersey area. Trust the pro’s at Dan The Affordable Moving Man, we are truly the best bang for you buck! AFFORDABLE!!!

Move Hackettstown

If you are relocating for work or school, or moving into your dream home. Dan The Affordable Moving Man’s got you covered. We are the experts you need at the price that is affordable. If you want to trust a real professional to move your family or business and not spend an “arm and leg” then give us a call so we can give you a quote! Provide the best moving values is what really separates us from the rest of the moving companies in the Morristown NJ area. We believe in providing our clients with affordable moving solutions and having years of experience we can make any moving situation into a stress free one. We pride our self’s in doing a great job every time, being on time, not damaging our clients priceless items, and all doing it within our clients moving budgets. We know that moving is one of the worst things you can do as an adult, or family. We understand and know how it is, having this knowledge we understand the pressure our clients are dealing with, we are your knights in shining moving armor!! Here to save your day!!! At Affordable moving prices. Dan The Affordable Moving Man is owned and operated by Dan Vernay

Moving To Hackettstown NJ? Check out some Info From

Hackettstown is a town in Warren County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the town’s population was 9,724,

[7][8][9] reflecting a decline of 679 (-6.5%) from the 10,403 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 2,283 (+28.1%) from the 8,120 counted in the 1990 Census.[18]The town is located in the easternmost region of the Lehigh Valley.

Hackettstown was incorporated as a town by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 9, 1853, from portions of Independence Township. Portions of territory were exchanged with Mansfield Township in 1857, 1860, 1872 and 1875.[19]

Hackettstown houses the headquarters of Mars Chocolate USA, the American division of Mars, Incorporated, makers of Milky Way, Mars, M&M’s, Twix and Snickerscandy bars, as well as pet foods (such as the well-known Whiskas and Pedigree brands), human foods (including Uncle Ben’s) and non-confectionery snack foods (including Combos).[20]

It is believed that Hackettstown was named after Samuel Hackett, an early settler and large landowner.[21][22] Hackett is said to have “contributed liberally to the liquid refreshments on the christening of a new hotel, in order to secure the name which, before this, had been Helms’ Mills or Musconetcong”.[23][24]

Hackettstown was named #72 of the top 100 towns in the United States to Live and Work In by Money Magazine in 2005; it has not been included since.[25]

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